Thursday, June 10, 2021

Friendship Circles - Updated 6/10/11

June 10, 2011--Finished the decorative stitches a lot faster than anticipated and this project is now ready for the framer.   The bump in the middle is caused by the golden needle placed in between the heart openings in the center "diamond".  Hopefully it isn't disturbing the canvas enough to cause problems with framing.  I'll place a heavy weight on it to try and flatten it out a bit.  All in all a totally enjoyable piece to work on.  Thanks Debbie L. of ANG Checkerspot Stitchers Chapter for great notes.


Friendship Circles Completed

June 9, 2021--The stitches inside the circles (through number 8) are done as well as the background.  The next step is to place the needlepoint related decorative stitches inside the diamond shaped areas. 

Almost there.

Friendship Circles Through Stitch 8

March 18, 2021--Worked two stitches this month--3 and 4.  Wanted to finish two of the circles before putting this away for next month.  This is a very challenging project.  The sections have complex, compound stitches that require lots of compensation.
Friendship Circles Through Stitches 3 and 4

February 20, 2021--This month's installment, Stitch 2, is completed and this project will be put away until next month.  A large project such as this one seems much less daunting when divided into 12 month segments.  

Friendship Circles Through Stitch 2

January 22, 2021--I've just completed Stitch 1 placed in two areas of the interlocking circles and decided to do one stitch each month which will take me through August (there are eight different stitches used).  Then I'll work on the five decorative logos to be placed in the circle centers, then the background.  That should take me through December.  The stitches for the interlocking circles are very complex with lots of compensation along the edges.  But a fun challenge non the less.

Friendship Circles Through Stitch 1

January13, 2021--To celebrate a recent anniversary, the Maryland Checkerspot Chapter of ANG (of which I am a member) is stitching Friendship Circles taken from the ANG 2019 Chapter Project Book (CPB).  It's a lovely project designed by Carol Algie Higginbotham with needlepoint related logos stitched in the areas between the interlocked circles.  When finished, I'll have it framed and hang it in my craft room.  This is my progress to date....

Friendship Circles progress to date

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