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Ornament Diamond Drops - Updated 5/9/22

May 9, 2022--Now there are three.  I've just stitched ornament number two, but this time with white thread on gold paper.  Here it is:

Ornament Diamond Drop Two with White Thread on Gold Paper Completed

Ornament Diamond Drop Two with White Thread on Gold Paper Completed Side View

Ornaments Diamond Drop One and Two with White Thread on Gold Perforated Paper

The left photo below is ornament number two stitched with gold thread on white perforated paper.  My next ornament will be number one stitched with gold thread on white perforated paper.

March 30, 2022--Now there are two.  I completed stitching the gold Diamond Drop Ornament on white perforated paper with gold threads and beads (the piecing of the paper is explained below on 3/24/22).  I'm very happy with how both look and plan on stitching another set but do the opposite--stitch Diamond Drop One with gold thread on white paper and Diamond Drop Two with white thread on gold paper.  They both have lots of sparkle with gold and white beads.  Here are some photos:

Diamond Drop Ornaments Two (gold on white) and One (white on gold) Completed

Diamond Drop Ornament Completed

Diamond Drop Ornament Two Side View

March 24, 2022-- This project has been fraught with issues--not getting the right size bugle beads, one of the gold threads is too light for the project, AND the white paper for ornament number 2 sent as part of the kit is 18 count, not 14 count as needed.  The second ornament I partially stitched (blogged about it below on 2/19/22) is on 18 count paper--too small for placement of the kitted beads and won't match the size of the first ornament.  I wrote Kurdy Biggs, the designer, about this and she told me she had to order 14 count white perforated paper since all she had was 18 count.  To date that paper hasn't come in.  Glad I ordered some from eBay and received it a few weeks ago.  I also ordered a darker gold thread RG Elegance 901 to replace the RG Elegance 900 included in the kit.  Kurdy tells us she could not find color 901, but I had no problem ordering it.  

So that's three worthless items paid for in the kit--wrong size perforated paper (needed 14 count white, not 18 count as sent), wrong size beads (needed 6 mm white bugle beads. not 12 mm as sent), wrong color thread (needed RG 901, not RG 900 as sent).

Then I made a monumentous error in stitching ornament 2 on the correct size 14 count paper.  I must have been asleep when I calculated how low to start stitching on the left side, wanting to have enough room for another ornament on the right side.   Below is a photo of how much I stitched before I realized what I had done--duh!

Ornament Diamond Drop 2 Problem--Too Low

So I took the paper off the stretcher bars, cut off a few inches from the top and taped it onto the bottom to add length.  Then remounted it on stretcher bars.  Yes, that did the trick.  The edges won't show when stitches are done and the paper is cut to the ornament's shape.  BTW, I normally stitch "in the ditch", but because I needed access close to the stretcher bars on the left side to maneuver my needle when working up the Jessica stitches, I'm stitching this project "above ground", so to speak.  And yes, I do use a lot of tacks--keeps the canvas (or in this case, paper), from stretching.

Ornament Diamond Drop 2 Problem Fixed

Ornament Diamond Drop 2 Problem Fixed and on Stretcher Bars

February 19, 2022--Have begun stitching the Diamond Drop Ornament number two--gold threads on white perforated paper.  The designer of this project, Kurdy Biggs, had to swap out a number of threads in the kit I ordered from what was used to stitch the project photo, so what I have are threads that are a lot lighter than the original ones (see project photo below).  I think darker gold would be more dramatic but am not going to repurchase threads and perforated paper to start over.  I'll live with what was sent as part of the kit.

I changed the order of stitching.  We are instructed to stitch the Bracket Crescents (upper and lower stitches) first then stitch the Center Rhodes inside the Bracket Crescents.  I've learned from experience to always stitch the inside design first, then do the outside stitches.  Otherwise, you're unable to locate where the needle should go up and down because the outside stitching covers up a portion of the inside area.  Hope this makes sense.

Ornament Diamond Drop Gold Part 1 Closeup

Ornament Diamond Drop Gold Part 1

February 11, 2022--Completely finished the stitching of one Diamond Drop Ornament (white threads on gold perforated paper).  Love the shine and dimensions of the different threads and beads.  

Had one problem, though--the designer, Kurdy Biggs, wasn't able to send the 6mm bugle beads called for in her stitch guide when ordering the kit for this project--instead, she sent 12mm bugle beads which are waaaay too long for the project.  Fortunately, I had the right size in both the white and gold bugle beads in my stash, so it's not a serious problem.  Hopefully she'll be able to order the right sizes for future kits she sends out.

Next up:  stitching the ornament with gold threads on white perforated paper.   There's enough room on each sheet of paper, and I have enough threads to reverse the colors, to make a total of four ornaments.  Yay!

Ornament Diamond Drop Number One with White Thread on Gold Paper Completed Closeup

Ornament Diamond Drop Number One with White Thread on Gold Paper Completed Side View

Ornament Diamond Drop Number One with White Thread on Gold Paper Completed

January 27, 2022--I have had the pleasure over the last two years to work on ANG's Stitch of the Month (SOTM) projects with the NJNA Chapter.  This year is a little different.  Rather than work on the 2022 SOTM designed by Kurdy Biggs, I chose instead to stitch her Diamond Drop Ornaments (one in white on a gold background and another in gold on a white background) being offered as an ANG Workshop by Mail.  I love these ornaments, having done three others offered by Kurdy which were published in the 2015 November issue of Needlepoint Now Magazine (click here for more information).  Like those 2015 ornaments, this project is stitched on 14 count perforated paper.  

Luckily for me, a few NJNA Chapter members are also working on this project and/or others designed by Kurdy Biggs and have formed an online monthly stitch-along group called KBZers (Kurdy Biggs Zoomers).  This is going to be fun.   I divided this project into 12 sections (6 months for each color) so that I'm not feeling overwhelmed.  So far, I'm a little ahead of schedule and my progress to date is below.

Ornament Diamond Drop Number one with White Thread on Gold Paper Part 1 Closeup

Ornament Diamond Drop Number one with White Thread on Gold Paper Part 1

Below is a photo of the project as designed by Kurdy Biggs.

Ornaments Diamond Drops Designed by Kurdy Biggs Project Photo

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