Monday, February 11, 2019

Star Spangled Santa - Updated 2/11/19

February 11, 2019--Fini!  Isn't he adorable?  Love all the shine.  The beard, however, stitched using 2 different threads that were included in the kit, looks very different than JZC's project photo.  Her threads look "flat" while in my photo, the 3 sections (with red stars) stitched using Kreinik 9032 is very, very shiny compared to the 4 sections (with blue stars) stitched with RG/Neon Rays NP02.  I'll ask other class participants if they see the same thing.  At least the white beads "tone down" the effect.

I also stitched the red and blue stars a bit smaller using the diagram below--over 6 threads for the horizontal and vertical stitches, over 5 threads for the diagonal ones.

All in all, another fun santa offered by Shining Needle Society.  I suspect the next one will be Holly Jolly Santa.

January 21, 2019--This Star Spangled Santa is stitched through Lesson 2 from Janet Zickler Casey.   Ready for Lesson 3 which will probably cover the hair, eyebrows and beard.

Star Spangled Santa Through Lesson 2

January 16, 2019--Signed up to stitch the new Star Spangled Santa designed by Janet Zickler Casey and offered through the Shining Needle Society (SNS).  Just finished the first lesson which covered the nose, face and eyes.  Another cutie for sure.  Looking forward to working on the hat discussed in lesson 2.

Star Spangled Santa through Lesson 1

Friday, February 8, 2019

Mini Embellishment Ornament - 2/8/19

February 8, 2019--Just finished stitching this sweet Mini Embellishment ornament designed by Nancy Cucci.  My ANG chapter, Delaware's Seashore Chapter, offered this as the February meeting project led by Roseanne J.  The written instructions were easy to understand and Roseanne gave some great tips on how to complete the piece.  Now I need to decide how to "finish" it--as a hanging ornament, box top, etc.

Mini Embellishment Ornament Completed

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ort Box With a Twist - 1/31/19

January 31, 2019--The March, 2019 program of the CyberPointers Chapter of ANG will be led by Marilyn Owen on how to put together her Ort Box With a Twist.  Of course, it needs to be stitched first in order to benefit from the class, so I purchased the instructions from the chapter and have started to work on it.  So far I've stitched the two sides that have pockets, pictures below.

This is just the type of project I like to stitch--a wide variety of stitches with a bit of a challenge, yet small enough to be done quickly (sort of like immediate gratification).   Marilyn's instructions are crystal clear and easy to follow with no blackwork.  Yay.

I've stitched 3 of Marilyn's ort boxes--a blue one for myself stitched with threads given to me by my mother, a pink one for my sister, also stitched with my mother's threads, and a black, silver and red one for my husband's desk at his office (which is now with me at home since his retirement).   Click on the colors to link to each one.  This new one "with a twist" will be a bit different from the others to put together, so a class will be helpful.

PS:  The instructions call for Caron Impressions thread to eliminate the need of using a laying tool.  Unfortunately, I don't have much Impression in my stash, so am using DMC floss.  It's a little more work, but manageable.

Ort Box With a Twist Pocket Panels

Ort Box With a Twist Pocket Back
Ort Box With a Twist Pocket Front

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Stretcher Bars Organized - 1/27/19

January 27, 2019--After reading multiple blogs and Needlepoint Nation entries on FB about organizing stuff, I decided to do something about a messy drawer filled with various lengths and widths of stretcher bars.  I can't take credit for the idea of using a liquor box and its dividers to sort the bars, but decided to give it a try.

I had to tape the ends of all the dividers to the inside of the box to keep the bars from slipping into surrounding slots, but once I did that, the bars are now perfectly organized from the smallest to the largest.   I also wrote the size of each bar on the top and bottom for easy viewing.

The box, as ugly as it looks, fits perfectly in my craft room closet and is readily accessible.  Wish I had done this years ago.

Liquor Box filled with Organized Stretcher Bars

Liquor Box with Bottle Dividers Taped to Sides of Box for Stability and Slot Separation

Friday, January 25, 2019

Coy Koi Purse - 1/25/19

January 25, 2019--At the 2018 ANG Seminar, I took a class from Janet Zickler Casey called Coy Koi Purse (click here for more information).  Finally picked it up again and completed the stitching of the back panel.  The front panel, also pictured below, has some stitching done, but there's a lot more to do.    I'm glad I took pictures of the finished model while in class to use as guides for the various decorative stitches.  Now to just jump in and work on the front...….

Coy Koi Purse Back Panel Completed

Coy Koi Purse Front Panel Class Work
Click on the In Process Projects Page on the right to see what the finished purse will look like.  It really is pretty.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Holiday Ornaments by Susan Portra - Updated 1/23/19

January 23, 2019--After a long wait, another of Susan Portra's Holiday Ornaments has been published and can be found in the January, 2019 issue of Needlepoint Now magazine.  This is the 16th in the series.  Here it is:

Holiday Light Green - NPN 2019 Vol XXI, 1

March 28, 2017--Here's another Holiday Ornament in the collection by Susan Portra called Pink Holiday Gift.  It's found in the March, 2017 issue of Needlepoint Now Magazine and is number 15 in the series.  Here's a photo of the project.

Holiday Gift Pink - NPN 2017 Vol XIX, 2
January 20, 2016--The January, 2017 issue of Needlepoint Now Magazine has another new ornament by Susan Portra, number 14 in the Holiday Ornaments collection.  This one is called Yellow Holiday Light.  Below is the project photo.

Holiday Light Yellow - NPN 2017 Vol XIX, 1
November 9, 2016--The December, 2016 issue of Needlepoint Now Magazine has a new ornament by Susan Portra, number 13 in the Holiday Ornaments collection called Fuchsia Holiday Bell.

Holiday Bell Fuchsia - NPN 2016 Vol XVIII, 6
July 20, 2015--Ever since I first read about Susan Portra's holiday ornaments in the Needlepoint Now magazine beginning with the November, 2013 issue, I decided I would stitch them all.  There will be a total of 24 ornaments altogether and so far 12 have been published in the magazine through July, 2015:  3 bells, 5 gifts, and 4 lights (pictures below *).  Today I sat down to determine what threads need to be purchased and what can be used out of my stash and am planning a shopping trip to my closest LNS, a 3 hour drive from my home.  The trip will include an overnight stay at a dear friend's home and, of course, I'll bring wine.  Life is sooo good!

Holiday Bell Blue - NPN 2015 Vol XVII, 1

Holiday Bell Brass Antique - NPN 2013 Vol XV, 6

Holiday Bell Green - NPN 2014 Vol XVI, 6

Holiday Gift  Copper- NPN 2013 Vol XV, 6

Holiday Gift Blue - NPN 2014 Vol XVI, 3

Holiday Gift Green - NPN 2014 Vol XVI, 6

Holiday Gift Red - NPN 2014 Vol XVI, 4

Holiday Gift White  - NPN 2015 Vol XVII, 4

Holiday Light  Copper- NPN 2014 Vol XVI,  2

Holiday Light Red - NPN 2014 Vol XVI, 6

Holiday Light Turquoise - NPN 2014 Vol XVI, 3

Holiday Light White - NPN 2014 Vol XVI, 4

*  I received permission from the editor of Needlepoint Now magazine to publish these pictures in this blog post.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Santa - 1/9/19

January 9, 2019--Here's another Janet Zickler Casey Santa--Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, for which the stitching is complete--my first for 2019.  This is the eighth of Janet's santas I've stitched so far.

The copyright date on the instructions is 1999, so I believe this is the first santa out of 23 designed to date.  

The only change I made was to use one less layer of stitching on the beard (instructions called for three--I stitched two) because I believe the replacement thread to RG/Designer's Dream white (now discontinued), Bella Lusso white, is just a bit loftier, so you can use less (hope this makes sense).

PS:  I kept the eyebrows different since most people have slight differences in their brows from one to the other.  Don't know why the threads on the nose look like they aren't laid smoothly in the picture--looks much better in person.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Santa Completed