Sunday, August 19, 2018

Pinwheel Christmas Ornaments - Updated 8/19/18

August 19, 2018--The three projects completed in 2014 (see below) have now all been turned into ornaments.  The small stocking, the first stocking I've ever "finished",  was a bit of a problem because I tried to sew it using "dressmaker" techniques.  Big mistake--too many layers to turn and the top was a mess, to put it mildly.   The next stocking I plan to finish is larger and I'll try the technique recommended by Pat Mazu.

The round pinwheel ornament below was part of my ANG chapter's ornament exchange in 2014 and the small square pinwheel ornament hangs on my tree at Christmas.

Pinwheel Stocking Completed Front
Pinwheel Stocking Completed Back

Pinwheel Round Ornament Completed Front

Pinwheel Round Ornament Completed Back

Completed Square Ornament Completed Front

Completed Square Ornament Completed Bck

August 21, 2014--Finished stitching this CyberPointers July project designed by Pat Mazu.  Really fun and fast to stitch and loved using up some of my stash.  Can't wait to learn how to finish the two ornaments and stocking--lessons coming up at the September meeting.

Thread Choices for the Pinwheel Stocking and Ornaments
 Picture taken from my Threads Inventory blog post

August 5, 2014--ANG's online CyberPointers Chapter offered Pat Mazu's pinwheel ornaments as their July stitching project.  There are three to choose from--a mini stocking, a round ornament and a square ornament.  Pat will instruct us how to finish these ornaments during the September meeting.  I've decided to stitch all three, choosing threads from my stash.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Holiday Ornament Turquoise Light - 8/15/18

August 15, 2018--Here's number 6 of the 15 total Holiday Ornaments by Susan Portra published to date (click here for more information).   The ornament has more turquoise color and shine than what is seen in the photograph.   These little projects are quick and so much fun to stitch.  Will tackle finishing them into ornaments soon.

Holiday Ornament Turquoise Light Completed

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Golden Friends - Updated 8/4/18

August 4, 2018--Just picked this project up from the framer.  I use Michael's Arts & Craft and found they are very willing to work with you do it over again if necessary to get it right and make you happy.  They are also close to my home and very reasonably priced.  Fortunately for me, the woman with whom I've been working at Michael's has been there for a long time, and I hope she'll stay.  Here it is.

Golden Friends Framed

July 15, 2018--It's done!  Love the shine and depth of the stitches.  Would love to do another project using various gold and cream threads.  Now off to the framer.

Golden Friends Completed

Golden Friends Completed Side View

July 5, 2018--The four blocks are stitched and have started the surrounding areas in Burden Stitch.  This is so beautiful in gold and love the depth of the upper right and lower left stitches.

Golden Friends Blocks Stitched

June 26, 2018--I have started a new project called Golden Friends designed by Toni Gerdes for purchase by those who contributed to ANG's Golden Needle Society.  I acquired this at last year's ANG seminar in Anaheim, CA and am just now getting around to working on it.   I can tell it's going to be a quick stitch since I was able to complete the stitching on two of four boxes last night while binge watching Homeland (up to season 6--it's a wow).

Golden Friends To Date