In Process Projects

The projects below are currently In Process and the pictures depict a finished example.  Please see individual blogs for more details on each one.

Kings Tulip II by Margaret Kinsey Project Photo

Winter Table by Melissa Shirley Project Photo

Soaring Seagull, 2012 ANG Seminar Class by Ann Strite-Kurz

Wavelengths Purse

Bronze Purse by Toni Gerdes Project Photo Seminar 2016 NOLA
Coy Koi Purse by Toni Gerdes Project Photo

Fire and Ice by Toni Gerdes Project Photo
Stocking To What Do My Wondering Eyes Should Appear by Joni Stevenson 2018 ANG Seminar Project Photo
Hardanger U Bell Design by Marion Scouler Project Photo
Hardanger U Satin Stitches by Donna Olson Project Photo
18th Century Sampler by SJ Designs Project Photo

ANG Stitch of the Month 2020 Star Project Photo Designed by Kathy Rees

Candles Bright by Mary Knapp ANG CyberWorkshop Project Photo

Mulberry & Lime by Jeanne Polzin Project Photo


  1. I see that in 2013 you hosted Lynn Wilkinson for a seminar. Do you know if she is still around? I bought a UFO in a stash sale -- Glitzy Garibaldi -- but it didn't come with any fibers or beads. I'm not sure if I even have the whole pattern. Can you point me in Lynn Wilkinson's direction? Thank you

    1. Hi Jeri. The Northern Virginia ANG Chapter had Lynn Wilkinson teach a class called Spa Reader in 2010. Unfortunately I have no way of contacting her. Try contacting ANG to see if they have an email address for her.