Saturday, August 23, 2014

Needlepoint Nation Pin 8/23/14

August 23, 2014--Just received my Needlepoint Nation magnet from Needle Little More.

The explanation below about the design of this pin is from their website:

Made exclusively for Needle Little More to celebrate our favorite Facebook page, you do not want to miss having this very meaningful accessory!  
  • The rampant charges, or animals supporting the shield, are frogs standing guard with their crossed needles, to protect you from “frogging” or having to “rip-it.”  
  • Heraldry shields of handworkers often had tapestry spools so everyone knew of their skills. We have updated those to a modern spool and made them red, which symbolizes patience and victory. 
  • The central figure is not a piece of armor, but a Facebook “like” symbol, as we hope you are always getting many “likes” on your posts and comments, and the background is blue, the color of truth and loyalty. 
  • At the bottom you will see the logo, “rem acu tetigisti,” which is Latin for  “you have touched the point with a needle;” apropos for many in the literal sense, but it translates more figuratively into, “you hit the nail on the head,” which we hope is always true of all your advice.
Added it to my ANG chapter name tag.  It looks great with my small, but growing collection of pins, charms and magnets.

Needlepoint Nation Magnet on Name Tag

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pinwheel Christmas Ornaments 8/21/14

August 21, 2014--Finished stitching this CyberPointers July project designed by Pat Mazu.  Really fun and fast to stitch and loved using up some of my stash.  Can't wait to learn how to finish the two ornaments and stocking--lessons coming up at the September meeting.

Thread Choices for the Pinwheel Stocking and Ornaments
 Picture taken from my Threads Inventory blog post

August 5, 2014--ANG's online CyberPointers Chapter offered Pat Mazu's pinwheel ornaments as their July stitching project.  There are three to choose from--a mini stocking, a round ornament and a square ornament.  Pat will instruct us how to finish these ornaments during the September meeting.  I've decided to stitch all three, choosing threads from my stash.