Saturday, April 30, 2016

Summer Solstice Sampler - Updated 10/10/16

October 10, 2016--Had this framed at my local Michael's Arts & Crafts and am very pleased with the results.  The frame looks "antique" and the two mats are perfect with the linen.  Looks very colonial.  However, my house is not colonial so the sampler will be relegated to dress up my craft room.

April 30, 2016--My first cross stitch sampler is completed and I thoroughly enjoyed this quick and easy piece.  Using my new MagEyes made the job so much easier on my eyes.

One change I made, however, was deciding not to continuing to stitch "in hand" and to mount the linen on stretcher bars.  What a difference!!!  I was able to stitch more quickly without worrying about warping the fabric or getting it wrinkled and dirty.  Here's the results.....

Summer Solstice Sampler Completed

Summer Solstice Sampler Mounted on Stretcher Bars
March 9, 2016--Our March, 2016 member led project at the ANG Delaware's Seashore Chapter meeting was Summer Solstice Sampler by Sally Ann Designs.  I understand this is second in a series of four seasonal samplers and a companion piece to "Winter's Whisper Sampler", another beautiful sampler done in pale threads.

I've never worked on a cross stitch sampler and this is a beautiful introduction which includes a variety of stitches.

I'm working "in hand" on 32 count linen using 1 strand of Caron Waterlillies over 2 threads in a darker, less variegated color than that used by the designer.  My magnifying glass is going to be an eye saver while working on this piece.  Below is my progress to date.

Progress at 3-9-16

Saturday, April 23, 2016

MagEyes Magnifier - 4/23/16

April 23, 2016--Bought a pair of MagEyes after trying on a friend's pair.  Love their versatility.  Am able to wear them with my regular glasses (and prescription sunglasses too) to see what I'm stitching more clearly.  I also like the fact that I can look down to stitch, then look up to see the television.  Other types of magnifying glasses have a plastic "hood" to block out light, and you must lift it up to see guests, TV, etc.

MagEyes Magnifier

The picture below shows how well the magnifier works.   The actual contrast is much greater than shown in this iPhone photo.

Example of Magnification

Package Front

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Downton Abbey Lady Edith Geometric - Updated 4/19/16

April 19, 2016--The Lady Edith geometric, second of the Downton Abbey designs by Gay Ann Rogers, is now complete.  I've also attached a photo of a card designed by Annette Navarro and sold through Gay Ann Rogers on her website.   A photo below shows the rich dimension of the stitches.

Now on to the last of the series--the Lady Mary geometric.

Downton Abbey Lady Edith Geometric Completed

Lady Edith Card

Lady Edith Side View
April 12, 2016--Have begun stitching the second of three Downton Abbey geometric designs by Gay Ann Rogers (click here for more information).  This one is called Lady Edith and I love the colors.  So far the outlining is done and now to do the filling stitches--lots and lots of filling stitches.  The first design called Countess of Grantham is complete (see it here).

Lady Edith Geometric through 04/12/16

Sunday, April 17, 2016

NJ Needle Festival 6th Annual - 4/17/16

April 17, 2016--On Saturday, April 16th, I attended the 6th Annual New Jersey Needle Festival put together by Susan Hoekstra, and had a blast.  This is a one day retreat type of event with lots of vendors and every type of stitching you can imagine.  This is the second time I've attended and it was wonderful to catch up with friends from last year and make new ones this year.   Of course, I didn't just drive up for the day (it's a long 3.5 hours away).  Instead, I stayed over Friday night, enjoying a delicious dinner at the Red Oak Grill in Bedminster, NJ with many who were also attending the festival.

There were lots of us stitching the beautiful ANG Stitch-of-the Month (SOTM) project designed by Susan Hoekstra and it was fun to see all the different colorways as shown in one of the photos below (courtesy of Rosi).

Table 1 from L to R:
(back row) Ginny, Buff, Margaret
(front row) Sylvia, Rona, Melita, me, Lori

ANG SOTM Different Colorways

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Downton Abbey Countess of Grantham Geometric - 4/2/16

April 2, 2016--Completed stitching this pretty design.  I've also attached a photo of a card designed by Annette Navarro and sold through Gay Ann Rogers on her website.  Now on to the next two designs celebrating Downton Abbey's Lady Edith and Lady Mary as written about here.

Downton Abbey Countess of Grantham Completed
Card Designed by Annette Navarro
March 24, 2016--Thought that I was ready to begin the fill-in stitches--nope, had more cross stitch outlining to do in tan (looks like shadowing) and 8 little "florets" to place.  Now I think I'm ready.

Downton Abbey Countess of Grantham as of 3-24-2016
March 14, 2016--Have begun stitching this beautifully designed project by Gan Ann Rogers.  This is one of three geometrics she designed to celebrate the Downton Abbey series (click here for more information),  The most difficult portion is done (all that counting...whew).  Now all that's needed are the fill-in stitches.

Downton Abbey Countess of Grantham as of 3-14-2016