Thursday, July 19, 2018

Project Bag Free - 7/19/18

July 19, 2018--I recently purchased some blankets online and they came in the most wonderful plastic bags to reuse as needlepoint project bags.

The one pictured below has a sturdy handle on the top and a zippered opening.  The size is 24" long by 16" tall by 4" wide--perfect for those extra large projects which, if purchasing a similarly sized project bag from a vendor, would require a hefty price.  This one was free.

And free is very, very good!!

PS.  The project bag is modeled by my current WIP:  Let The Good Times Roll which is on 22" x 14" stretcher bars.  Fits perfectly.

Blanket Bag aka Needlepoint Project Bag

Project Bag Handle
Project Bag Zipper Pull

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Golden Friends - Updated 7/15/18

July 15, 2018--It's done!  Love the shine and depth of the stitches.  Would love to do another project using various gold and cream threads.  Now off to the framer.

Golden Friends Completed

Golden Friends Completed Side View

July 5, 2018--The four blocks are stitched and have started the surrounding areas in Burden Stitch.  This is so beautiful in gold and love the depth of the upper right and lower left stitches.

Golden Friends Blocks Stitched

June 26, 2018--I have started a new project called Golden Friends designed by Toni Gerdes for purchase by those who contributed to ANG's Golden Needle Society.  I acquired this at last year's ANG seminar in Anaheim, CA and am just now getting around to working on it.   I can tell it's going to be a quick stitch since I was able to complete the stitching on two of four boxes last night while binge watching Homeland (up to season 6--it's a wow).

Golden Friends To Date

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Table Clamp - 7/12/18

July 12, 2018--Yesterday, in the mail, I received an order placed with BeStitched Needlepoint in Arizona early last month, and couldn't be happier.  It's a K's Creations Table Clamp which can be used with the swivel head from my K's Creations Floor Stand.  Below is a photo of my "trial" setup.

This is going to be very handy at seminar, retreats, etc. where table space is limited.  I'll be able to work off the table to stitch my project and keep the table space for all my "stuff".  The clamp will also be much easier to carry around than a heavy floor stand.

BeStitched has a video on how to set up the clamp.  It can be found here.

K's Creations Table Clamp

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Purse "Let The Good Times Roll" - Updated 7/10/18

July 10, 2018--Yay!  All the black diamonds are stitched and just a few white ones to complete.  Maybe by the end of August, at the rate I'm going, they'll all be done.   Then I'll have the fun of finding a purse "finisher".

Purse Let The Good Times Roll as of 7-10-2018

May 27, 2018--Still working on the diamonds--it's a very slow process.  But I am making progress and hope to complete the stitching by the end of the year.  Odds are out to see whether or not this happens, or if it gets done at all.  LOL.

Purse Let The Good Times Roll at 5/26/18

January 7, 2018--I've been working on this purse off and on over the last few months.  Over 25% of the diamonds are now filled in.  Whew.  Each diamond takes nearly two hours to stitch due to the fact there are two different stitches which use different threads that must be "laid".   Also, this is a huge canvas - 14" x 22" and moving your hand around it takes time as well.

In actuality, however, the purse is more than 25% complete since the beaded fleur de lys is in place, the diamonds are outlined in silver Kreinik, the beaded handle put together, and the black diamonds are painted in so that white canvas doesn't show through.

Here's my progress so far:

As of 1/7/18 Close up

As of 1/7/18

November 2, 2017--Began stitching the diamonds.  The lower right 2 rows are done.  Not a difficult stitch, but each diamond does take time.  A good project to stitch while watching TV.

Let the Good Times Roll Purse as of 2017-11-02
April 11,2017--Steadily working away on this project.  Finished stitching the outline of the diamond shapes in silver Kreinik, painted in the black diamonds so that white canvas won't peek though the stitches (no stitches done yet), AND, beaded the Fleur de Lis in "brick stitch" pattern.  I'll wait until the end to add the black "tie down" beads on the Fleur de Lis.

Let the Good Times Roll Purse as of 2017-04-11
Beaded Fleur de Lis Side View

April 5, 2017--I started stitching this purse at the ANG 2016 Seminar in New Orleans, LA in a class taught by Janet Zickler Casey called "Let The Good Times Roll.  This is a very large piece which will be made into an envelope clutch with a beaded handle. I spent much of the class time making the handle since my beading experience for items such as this is practically nil.  It came out well and I hope some day to do more in the way of beading bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Janet offered two colorways for this purse--black and white like the one I'm doing; Mardi Gras colors in green, purple and gold.

Here's my progress to date and a picture of the handle.

Purse Let The Good Times Roll at 2017-04-05

Purse Let The Good Times Roll Beaded Handle
Here's the project photo.  This picture shows the red beaded Fleur de Lis positioned on the back of the purse.  Mine will be on the front.

Purse Let The Good Times Roll Project Photo

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

SOTM 2018 - Updated 7/4/18

July 4, 2018--Aren't the dancing ladies fun?  Enjoyed stitching July's darning pattern.  The back looks great too.

Happy Independence Day to all.

SOTM 2018-07 Front

SOTM 2018-07 Back

June 3, 2018--Half way there.  Loved these butterflies, but they took longer to stitch than the lessons from earlier months.  We are binge watching Homeland, so I suppose that had something to do with it.
SOTM 2018-06 Front
SOTM 2018-06 Back
SOTM 2018-06 Closeup

May 2, 2018--A month later and the fifth lesson is done for May.  Another fast section with only 3 motifs.  It'll look so much better once the borders are stitched, hiding the "turning" threads.

SOTM 2018-05 Front
SOTM 2018-05 Back
SOTM 2018-05 Close Up

April 2, 2018--The April instructions are up on the ANG website, and like last month, the stitching of this easy diagonal darning pattern took about a half hour to finish (looks like a herringbone pattern to me).  Looking forward to the more complicated lessons coming up.

SOTM 2018-04 Front

SOTM 2018-04 Back

March 2, 2018--The stitching for March's portion of this cute project took about 30 minutes to do.  Am ready for the next installment, but must wait until April 1st.

PS.  If the color for March's section looks is.  I'm using some old cotton perle threads given to me by my mother and will place the different dye lots around the canvas.

SOTM 2018-03 Front

SOTM 2018-03 Front Closeup

SOTM 2018-03 Back

SOTM 2018-03 Back Closeup
February 2, 2018--The February instructions for this darning project are so easy and quick--was able to get the stitching done in about an hour.  This is going to be so cute as a box cover.  In fact, I'm going to try and enclose the back with glass so that the reverse or negative side will shown when the box top is opened.

SOTM 2018-02 Completed

SOTM 2018-02 Front

Add caption Back

January 11, 2018--The section for the month of  January is stitched.  I love how the back looks like a negative of the front.  Cool.

SOTM 2018 - through January

SOTM 2018 January Closeup Front

SOTM 2018 January Closeup Back
January 2, 2018--Yay!  The January installment of ANG's 2018 Stitch of the Month project called Darned Good Sampler by Toni Gerdes is now up on their website (click here).   This is a year long project featuring darning patterns and it's right up my alley.  I've already picked out my color (true blue) on white 24 count Congress Cloth.  This will produce a final size of 5" x 5" which will fit perfectly in a box I already own.  Below is a picture of this year's project.

ANG Stitch of the Month 2018 Project Photo

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Canvas Thread Management - 7/1/18

July 1, 2018--I recently read or heard about using little plastic clips as thread management tools (to keep thread spaghetti neatly out of the way of stitching, etc.) and thought I would give it a try.  I understand the clips were glued to magnets, so I tried that--FAIL.  They were unwieldly when trying to hold the clip open to pull thread tightly into the clip before closing.  Then the clip came unglued from the magnet and everything flew all over the place.

Solution:  Since the clips themselves have a little metal piece on their underside, I used a powerful little magnet (the kind purchased from a hardware store) on the backside of the canvas to hold the clip.  Now it's much easier to open and close the clip and the metal piece on the clip's front doubles as a needle minder.  SUCCESS.

Little Clip Holding Thread Out of The Way and Used as Needle Minder

Back of Clip Showing Magnetic Metal Piece.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

King's Tulip II - 6/28/18

June 28, 2018--In 2010, I purchased this beautiful project by Margaret Kinsey offered through the Shining Needle Society.  I finished stitching the upper portion of the tulip as well as the side petals, padded the tulip's interior, as pictured below, and decided to go no further.  After re-reading the instructions, I can see why.  I'm at the point where the cutting of purls is in order and this is all new to me.  However, after reading about the beautiful goldwork projects done by D1D2 on her blog, I have learned a lot and feel confident that I can tackle this head on (famous last words).  I plan on doing the cutting and stitching of the gold purl pieces during the day, sitting at the table in my craft/sewing room where I have plenty of light.

Wish me luck.

King's Tulip II to Date

To see the project photo, please click on "In Process Projects" under Pages on the right.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Hardanger University - 6/24/2018

June 24, 2018--I love doing new things relating to stitching, and hardanger is a type of needlework at which I've recently tried my hand (see my simple hardanger bookmark and hardanger doily).

Wanting to learn more, I was pleased to find Hardanger University which takes place in Myrtle Beach, SC from February 21 through February 24, 2019.  

So I'm registered, flights booked and hotel reservations made.

If I'm unable to wait until February to do any hardanger, I may stitch the beautiful ornament published in the EGA Needle Arts March, 2018 magazine.  Project photo is below.

Hardanger Laced Floral Ornamnt Project Photo from EGA Needle Arts Magazine 3/2018

Friday, June 22, 2018

Ornament Sapphires and Sparkles - Updated 6/22/18

June 22, 2018--Done!  Here are the two finished Sapphires and Sparkle ornament--one for me to keep and the other to give away.  Love how they turned out.

PS  Can you see something different about them?

Ornament Sapphires and Sparkles Finished

June 21, 2018--All the beads, except for the bottom tassel, are done.  Boy, does this ornament shine!!!   I took a side view picture of the ornament, but the crystal beads and bicones aren't showing up well.  Will try again after the Kumihimo braid has been added around the edge.

Speaking of braiding--I love how this one is turning out.  It's different than the 8 strand braids which form a spiral.  When using only 6 strands of 1/8" ribbon, as I am here to keep the bulk down, the look is more checkered (or something like that).  However, it looks great against the ornament.

Next step--putting it all together.

Ornament Sapphires and Sparkle Stitching Completed
Ornament Sapphires and Sparkle Stitching Completed Side View
Ornament Sapphires and Sparkle Kumihimo Braiding

June 15, 2018--The stitching for the ornament is now done and I'm ready to start beading.   As I've done in the past, I'm doing two of these ornaments--one for my needlepoint chapter ornament exchange and one to keep.  Both are done up to this point.  Now to find my beading needle.

Ornament Sapphires and Sparkles Before Beading

June 10, 2018--Pat Mazu designed a beautiful ornament called Sapphires and Sparkles to commemorate ANG's 45th anniversary.  The instructions to work up this ornament were printed in the November, 2017 NeedlePointers Magazine and I knew I just had to stitch it for my ANG chapter's holiday ornament exchange in December of this year.  I placed an online order with a bead company for all the types required for this project and am looking forward to placing them onto the ornament.  Having never done this type of beading, especially making a beaded tassle, etc.,  I relish the challenge.

Here's my progress to date.  

Ornament Sapphires and Sparkles at 6/9/18