Favorite Apps and Tools

Below is a list of the needlepoint related apps I use all of the time on my iPhone.  It's wonderful having these "books" at my fingertips.

By Ruth Schmuff
  1. iStitches v1 
  2. iStitches v2
  3. iStitches v3
  4. iStitches v4

By Sandy Arthur (can't wait for Shapes III and IV to be available as apps)
  1. Shapes I
  2. Shapes II

By Little Shop Canvas Company

     Stitch Landscape

By SuZy Murphy
  1. SuZy's Portable Stitches I
  2. Suzy's Portable Stitches II

By Syntress, LLC


By Jo Ippolito Christensen

     Needlepoint Book

DDH Software (accessible from PC and iPhone)

     HanDBase Applets:
          Threads Inventory       
          Projects Database

Stitchguild.com (accessible from PC and iPhone)
     Illustrated Stitches and Usage Information

Tools and other helpful resources:

     Color Tool Ultimate 3-in-1 by Joen Wolfrom, C&T Publishing
     Framers Tool
     Laying Tools
     MagEyes Magnifier
     Magnifiying Glass by Naturalight
     Namaste Storage Cases
     Needle Storage Tubes by Dritz
     Ribbon Storage Using Pant Hanger


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