Friday, February 26, 2021

Stocking Brocaded Elegance - Updated 2/26/21

February 26, 2021--Finished this ornament into an opened top, lined stocking with the help of two YouTube videos done by "starkeart" and can be found by clicking on Part 1 and Part 2.  Her technique is different from other stocking finishers and I personally like it a lot.   There is more hand sewing than I'm used to, but it's necessary in putting the stocking back and front together.  However, I chose to glue the Kumihimo cording around the stocking rather than hand sew it because my arthritic fingers couldn't take any more hand sewing.  The embroidered initials and year on the stocking back were done on my Bernina 1530 which is a garment sewing machine, not an embroidery machine, so I'm lucky it does this much.

Stocking Brocaded Elegance Completed Front

Stocking Brocaded Elegance Completed Back

Stocking Brocaded Elegance Completed Showing Lining

Kumihimo Cording for Stocking Brocaded Elegance

February 19, 2021--The Northern Virginia Chapter of ANG worked this beautiful stocking designed by Pat Mazu as a chapter project at their February meeting.  Even though I was unable to attend the Zoom meeting that night, I decided to stitch it up using colors from my thread stash.  The instructions can be found in the January, 2019 issue of ANG's NeedlePointers Magazine, and is a very quick stitch.  Now off to my craft room to finish this into a stocking ornament.

Stocking Brocaded Elegance Completed

Stocking Brocaded Elegance Completed Side View

The instructions called for a Swarovski teardrop pendant crystal, but I used a very dark blue pendant leftover from another of Pat Mazu's projects that I stitched called Sapphires and Sparkles

Below is a copy of the stocking as shown in the magazine.  Mine looks very different stitched in monochromatic colors.

Stocking Brocaded Elegance Designed by Pat Mazu Project Photo