Sunday, July 27, 2014

Marsha's Wonderful Needlepoint 7/27/14

July 27, 2014--Last weekend I reconnected with a dear friend.  We haven't seen one another in over 15 years, having lost touch after many moves, me from Maryland to Virginia, then to Delaware; she from Maryland to Pennsylvania.  It turns out she loves needlepoint as much as I do and her work is beautiful.  Many pieces are original designs and she will often write her own stitch guides for painted canvases.  The pictures below are examples of her stitching and she has approved posting them on this blog.  Thanks Marsha Connolly.

I especially love the borders she's added to many of her pieces.

An original design by Marsha of her loved dog, Zoe, in Maine

Artic Santa Tapenstry Tent

Melissa Shirley Design

Melissa Shirley Design

Melissa Shirley Design

Melissa Shirley Design

Joyce Petschek Design

Anna Pearson Design

Joyce Petschek Design
Anna Pearson Star Wars