Tuesday, August 31, 2021

New Jersey NeedleFest 2021 - 8/31/21

August 31, 2021--Last weekend I attended the New Jersey NeedleFest event put on by Needleworker's Delight of Metchun, NJ where I sat with members of the New Jersey Needle Artists (NJNA) Chapter of ANG.  This year the fest was held at the Hilton in Berkeley Heights, NJ.  

Enjoyed wonderful camaraderie with co-stitchers while viewing projects being worked on by other attendees.  All in all a wonderful day with lots of shopping and very good food.  Even though this is the fourth time I've participated in this event, I'll be sure to sign up for next year, and the year after, and the year after that, etc.

The photo is of a needle minder given to us along with tickets for door prizes (I won a lunch box type of thingie).

Needle Minder

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Holiday Ornament Red Light - 8/21/21

August 21, 2021--Here's my 11th stitched Holiday Ornament designed by Susan Portra with instructions published in Needlepoint Now Magazine, 2014 Vol XVI, No. 6.  This one is a red light bulb ornament and, for the most part, I love it.  However, the french knots on the light's bottom stitched with RG Flair make me cringe when I look at them--just too uneven and too many crammed into a small space.  Hopefully it won't look so bad when "finished" with cording and a pretty ribbon bow.   For a list of Holiday Ornaments published in Needlepoint Now Magazine, click here.

Ornament Holiday Light Red Completed

Ornament Holiday Light Red Completed
 Side View

Monday, August 16, 2021

Cashmere Santa - 8/16/21

 August 16, 2021--Another santa cutie designed by Janet Zickler Casey and offered through the Shining Needle Society, called Cashmere Santa, is done.  In keeping with my goal of stitching one old and one new santa each year, I have now met my 2021 quota.  Cashmere Santa was the newest design while North Wind Santa, stitched earlier this year, was a 2003 offering.  

The stitch for the beard on this santa, called Cashmere Cable, was a bit of a challenge, requiring consistent attention to the stitch placement.  I'm now wondering what was Janet's inspiration for this stitch since I'm unable to find it anywhere (at least not in the resources I have).

The second photo below shows the shine and dimension of the threads and beads used.  I love the little mint candy embellishment that came with the kit.

Cashmere Santa Completed

Cashmere Santa Completed Side View