Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Orange Grove - Updated 6/8/16

June 8, 2016--Found the perfect frame, and this lovely piece now sits on the night stand in my guest bedroom.

Orange Grove Finished
May 31, 2016--Have just returned from two weeks out West (brief itinerary below), and while traveling around by car, was able to complete the stitching on this delightful little project.

However, please don't look at the stitching too closely.  Some of the roads were quite rough and bumpy. and trying to get an even tension while laying two threads proved to be a challenge.   Also was distracted by the beautiful scenery along the way.

The places we visited:

Badlands National Park, SD
Mt. Rushmore, SD
Devil's Tower, WY
Yellowstone National Park, WY
Grand Tetons, WY
Grand Canyon North Rim, AZ
Snow Canyon, UT
Zion National Park, UT
Death Valley, CA
Las Vegas, NV

Orange Grove Completed

May 14, 2016--Orange Grove, otherwise called Introduction to Paradise, is a pretty little project by Lois Caron and taught to our ANG chapter in March 2014 by one of our members, Pat vd A.

My husband and I are traveling for the next few weeks and I wanted to work on something I could easily hold while riding in a car.  This piece is perfect.  I started working on it to be sure it wasn't too complicated and believe I can complete it while on the road--it's that easy.  So here's a picture of what's been done to date and hopefully the next picture will be of a completed project.

Orange Grove as of 5/13/16

Orange Grove Project Photo

Sunday, May 8, 2016

ANG Seminar 2016 in New Orleans, LA - GOING! - Updated 5/8/16

May 8, 2016--Finally received confirmation that my first choice class picks have been approved.  Yay!  I'm on a purse kick these days and have signed up to take 2 two-day classes--the first is "Let The Good Times Roll" by Janet Zickler Casey and the second is "Bronze Purse" by Toni Gerdes.

Let The Good Times Roll by Janet Zickler Casey Project Photo

Bronze Purse by Toni Gerdes Project Photo
Because DH will be with me on this trip, I didn't want to take a full week of classes, so with four days filled, I snuck in one more one-day class called "Theo Faberge's Jeweled Spiral Coil Egg by Michele Roberts.

Theo Faberge's Jeweled Spiral Coil Egg by Michele Roberts Project Photo
I haven't taken any classes from Michele Roberts and Janet Zickler Casey and am looking forward to learning as much as possible from them.  Took a class from Toni Gerdes at seminar in Philadelphia called Let It Snow--loved that project.

January 9, 2016--Just filled out the registration form for the 2016 ANG Seminar in New Orleans, LA.  And....DH is going with me.  Yay!  We plan on driving, taking a different route there and back.  What a delightful vacation this is going to be (a full two weeks for sure).  It's been exactly 20 years since I last visited New Orleans (for business back then) and am looking forward to exploring this delightful city again with DH.   Because I'm taking 4 days of classes, attending banquets, teachers' showcase, etc., he'll have to fend for himself for much of the time, but that's OK with him.  I did convince him to attend the Closing Banquet with me so he can appreciate how involved ANG is in all facets of needlework and feel the excitement of its members.

ANG Seminar New Orleans Marketing Photo
More information about the seminar can be found at: