Monday, August 3, 2020

Hardanger Pick A Flower - Stepped Petals - Updated 8/3/2020

August 3, 2020--Continuing to work on this delightful project.  So far I've finished stitching all the Klosters, including the blanket stitch edging.  Putting this away for awhile, but when it comes out again, will work on the decorative petals and pulled stitches before cutting in preparation for the wrap stitches.  Still lots to do.

Hardanger Pick a Flower - Stepped Petals as of August 2, 2020

June 3, 2020--Just returned from a fishing trip with my husband (he fished, I stitched) in Cape Charles, VA.  Stayed in a beautiful B&B and enjoyed working on a project from the February, 2019  Hardanger University  class taught by Donna Olson.  She gave us instructions and enough cloth to work on four "petal" projects.  I'm starting out with "Stepped Petals" which seems to be the easiest of them all.  Below is a photo showing where I left off after class and another of where I left off today.   I find hardanger very enjoyable to stitch since I'm comfortable working "in hand", not needing to cart around a stand, etc. 

Hardanger Pick a Flower - Stepped Petals at 2020-06-03

Hardanger Pick a Flower - Stepped Petals at Class End
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