Thursday, April 30, 2020

Rehoboth Beach Needlework Exhibit for 2020 Cancelled - 4/30/2020

April 30, 2020--I have just received word from the Director of the Rehoboth Beach Historical Society and Museum that this year's needlework exhibit is cancelled.  Here's her very sound explanation:

So many parts of our lives have changed during these past several weeks. Both our personal and professional activities have become limited or just about eliminated.

When this is all finally over, and we are back once again to a Usual Routine, there will be a tremendous rush, crush, and demand for our time.

One deadline that we can erase from your schedule is the  2020 Rehoboth Beach Museum Embroidery Show. We are cancelling it. This will give us all one less thing on the no doubt long To-do List by then, and more time to adjust back to regular life,
we hope.

This will also give us all more time to finish that wonderful piece now in production, to be ready  for the show in 2021. If you haven’t had a chance to start on your planned work, now you can. We’ll look forward to seeing you and your spectacular piece (s)
in 2021.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Frame Weight Stitcher's Parking Lot -- Updated 7/26/21

July 26, 2021--Entered this fun project into the Delaware's State Fair and was awarded a Third Place Ribbon along with a small (very small) cash prize.   Nice.

April 9, 2020--It was a lot easier to finish this than anticipated.  Of course. I didn't mind many of the imperfect stiches and kept moving forward.   When I began to put the two sides together with the binding stitch, I realized the canvas was seriously warped out of shape.  Since it was only going to be a frame weight, I figured the BBs would force it into shape, which they magically did (for the most part).

Filling the frame weight with BBs wasn't difficult.  The hard part came when I spilled half of them onto my kitchen counter, floor, rugs, etc.  To the rescue came my very patient husband and my magnet on a wand device.   We got those BBs under control in no time.

Now I have to find stitching tools large enough to fit snugly into the loops.  Right now it's sitting on top of my Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet (which I'm using for all my stitching accouterments) looking very pretty.

Frame Weight Stitcher's Parking Lot Finished

Frame Weight Stitcher's Parking Lot Finished (Back Side) - Shows serious warpage
Frame Weight Stitcher's Parking Lot Before Finishing Side View

Frame Weight Stitcher's Parking Lot Before Finishing Front Closeup

March 28, 2020--I purchased this frame weight project to stitch along with fellow chapter mates last year, but wasn't able to think about stitching it until the ANG CyberPointers Chapter had this as their July, 2020 project.   I was motivated by the photos and additional class lessons given during the online meeting.  So I finished stitching a few things and felt comfortable starting this project while quarantined at home to avoid the COVID-19 virus.  Here's the under or bottom part of the frame weight:

Frame Weight Stitcher's Parking Lot Under or Back Side

My colors are simple.  The front colors are turquoise perle #3, light, silvery perle #3, silver Kreinik #16 braid, and variegated Watercolours called Twilight (you can see the variegated colors in the photo above).