Thursday, September 10, 2015

Namaste Cases

September 10, 2015--I like needlepointing in the car and found it difficult to have tools at my fingertips.  Attaching them with magnets to a metal board worked well, but then had to insert the whole board into a bag to keep the items from detaching themselves when put away.

Then I found these delightful Namaste magnetic cases.  I purchased two in the eggplant color--one large for traveling, the other to keep the "smalls" in one place while in my happy chair at home.  The large one is perfect.  I'm able to place many tools in the bottom section of the case and keep my needles nicely organized and protected under the flap in the top portion.

Large Case Opened - Bottom (my ort box is on the right)

Large Case Opened - Top

Namaste Magnetic Cases - Large and Small

Small Case Opened - Bottom

PS  The needle guide attached to the insert of the large case is from The Needle Index, 1996 Valley Quail Chapter, EGA Walnut Creek, CA

Friday, September 4, 2015

Montpelier Mansion Needle Art Exhibit Updated 9/4/15

September 4, 2015--Just received information about this year's Needle Art Exhibit at Montpelier Mansion, Laurel, MD in November, 2015.

It's a beautiful venue for displaying needlework and I'm looking forward to this year's exhibit.

Montpelier Mansion, Laurel, MD

November 24, 2014--Recently visited the Montpelier Mansion in Laurel, MD to see their 19th Annual Needle Art Exhibit which runs from November 1 through November 30, 2014.   I was joined by a co-member of the ANG Delaware's Seashore Chapter and we were amazed at the number of beautiful samplers displayed, but dismayed at the very few needlepoint pieces (less than 5 from what we could tell).   The samplers, however, were so wonderful that I'm seriously considering doing one.  A trip to In Stitches in Alexandria, VA is in order.

Fortunately we met the organizer for this event and she told us that needlepoint exhibits are most certainly welcomed and was pleased to learn that our Delaware chapter members would be very interested in exhibiting our pieces at Montpelier next year.  The entry fee is $5 per item and there is no limit to how many pieces you can exhibit.   I for one love the venue.