Sunday, June 30, 2019

Holiday Ornament Green Bell - 6/30/19

June 30. 2019--Number 9 of the 16 Susan Portra Holiday Ornaments collection is now stitched (click here for more information about them).  The RG Neon Rays was difficult to lay absolutely flat, but the beautiful shine compensates for the bit of unevenness.  The side view shows the dimension added by the size 14 beads.  The instructions for this ornament were published in Needlepoint Now Magazine 2014 Issue 6, Vol XVI.  

Ornament Holiday Bell Green Completed

Ornament Holiday Bell Green Side View

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Ornament by DebBees Designs for 2018 - Updated 6/21/19

June 21, 2019--This turned out to be a really cute ornament.  Love all the shine and dimension.  Debbie used French knots on her example, but suggested beads would work as well.  So beads it was for me (find them easier to stitch than French knots).  Now to make some cording and a tassel.  Will post the finished results soon.

Ornament by DebBees Designs for 2018 Completed

May 11, 2019--Sometime in January of this year, Debbie Rowley of DebBees Designs offered a free ornament for 2018 through FiberTalk, the Podcast by Gary Parr.  I ordered this unusual design and just recently began stitching it.  Debbie uses a new 6 strand thread by DMC called Etoile (click here for a nice review).  I find this thread easy to work with and it gives a soft look of sparkle.  Below is my progress to date.

Ornament by DebBees Designs for 2018 Stitched to Date
Since this one is dated 2018, I wonder if she'll produce a new ornament each year going forward (cannot find ornaments for prior years).