Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Paper Clips Embellished 6/2/15

June 2, 2015--I love these dressed up paper clips and want to thank Funk & Weber Designs for their fun tutorial.

I did take the liberty, however, to make a few changes and/or additions as noted in the instructions below:

Supplies:  18 count Interlock canvas
                  Caron Watercolours (1 strand)
                  Paper Clips 2" long

1.  For each clip, cut the canvas - 44 threads wide by 16 threads high.

2.  Stitch 8 smyrna crosses beginning 6 threads up and over from the left (you will have 6 blank threads on the top, bottom, left and right sides of the smyrna crosses.

3.  Fold each canvas edge at the third thread on all sides.  The pictures below show how the fold is made (front and back) and the pin "marks the spot".

The picture below shows all four sides folded to the back leaving 3 threads in the front and 3 threads folded back

Front Side

Back Side

Step 4.  Satin stitch over 2 threads (leaving far edge thread unstitched on all sides) around the smyrna crosses, being sure to cover the long sides of the paper clip.  Pictures below show front and back of the covered paper clip.  Be sure to leave the rounded edge on the short side of the paper clip unattached as shown.

I now want to play with dressing up the edges, possibly add a raised stem stitch, etc.