Monday, November 4, 2013

Signature on Finished Needlepoint Ornaments

November 4, 2013--About 20 years ago, I purchased a Bernina 1530 sewing machine, updating an older model.  Back then I was an avid sewer of garments for myself and got a lot of use out of the machine.  However, I never used the few pre-programmed embroidery features which included the alphabet and numbers (in capital letters only).    Yesterday I spent the afternoon reading the user's manual on how to program the 1530 and finally came up with a very nice signature and date.  The accents had to be hand sewn onto the fabric, but only 3 stitches were involved, so not a problem.  Last year I signed my self-finished ornaments by needlepointing with wash-away canvas.  It worked OK but wasn't satisfactory (see:

I've got more playing to do with my signature--try to get it smaller, etc.  But if this is all I can do, I'm not unhappy.

BTW, the fabrics I'm using to back my ornaments come from old, out-of-date drapery fabric sample catalogues given to me by my sister.  She used to design and fabricate draperies, pillows, bedspreads, etc. and was about to throw out all of her old catalogues.  While visiting her a few years ago, I noticed the sizes of these samples were perfect for ornaments and had them shipped from her home in Texas to mine in Delaware. What a wonderful stash I've got now.  Thanks sis.

Signature in Blue Thread

Signature in Gold Thread