Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Tulip Time Along the Rhine Needlepoint Cruise - 5/26/21

May 26, 2021--I'm happy to report that I've signed up for the Tulip Time Along the Rhine Needlepoint River Cruise hosted by the wonderful Sandy Arthur of Duo Designs.  I've never done a river cruise and since I'm traveling alone (hubby hates cruising), doing one with a needlepoint bent is absolutely perfect!!  This one takes place in early April, 2022.  

Here's a photo of the project Sandy developed specifically for this trip.  Love it!

Additional information and lots more can be found on Sandy's blog at:

Sandy's Stitching (  

I'm so excited that I've already "packed" using my Stylebook app.  If you want more info about this app, let me know.  It's a really fun way to keep track of clothes you own and wear.  Here's my first stab at mix and match outfits for the trip.  The app migrates the pieces of clothing into a "packing list" for you--easy peasy.  Note:  I'm certainly not a style or clothing obsessed person, but after losing a lot of weight and buying new clothes--the app gives me a  lot of fun putting together "looks" and will show me what I wear a lot and what I'm not touching.  

My Stylebook of What to Wear Each Day on the Cruise

Stylebook Packing List

I'm not the best photographer of clothes, but the pictures are good enough for my purposes.  Can you imagine the possibilities of working with an app like this.  PS  I have no affiliation with Stylebook, just having fun with it.