Monday, March 3, 2014

Gordian Knot Updated 3/2/14

March 2, 2014--Just had this framed.  It looks so beautiful on my wall.

Gordian Knot Framed

November 30, 2013--Cool--just received my Correspondence Course Certificate from Rachel Atkinson for the successful completion of Gordian Knot.  Never got one of these before.

Since I'm on a serious mission to eliminate paper files, I've scanned the certificate and saved it to my Gordian Knot electronic file folder (where I have project photos, instructions, etc.).    Eventually I'll need more storage for all my files than available on my external hard drive of 250 Gs, but cloud storage is looking like an affordable option....soon.

Completion Certificate
August 28, 2013--Gordian Knot is now complete and ready for review by the class instructor as part of ANG's Correspondence Course program.  This piece is beautiful and the picture doesn't convey its texture, color, shine and vibrancy.  Thank you Rachel Atkinson for such a wonderful design.  And thanks again to everyone who helped me with my Neon Rays dye lot problem.

August 25, 2013--Was not able to find Neon Rays in the dye lot received in the kit, but it wasn't for lack of trying.  Thank you to everyone who sent me threads in the hope it matched what I had.

I'm not a purist, but am most definitely a realist when it comes to something like this.  I ripped out the two inside quadrants stitched with the original dye lot of N67, then stitched the inside of all four quadrants with the new, darker dye lot, and think it turned out quite well.  Yes, it is darker, but in my mind, because the area might be considered the underside of a ribbon, it's darker because of shadowing. Anyone unfamiliar with this project probably won't notice a thing.  And as my DH so charmingly commented - "What does it matter?  No one's going to see it anyway."  Yes, that does put things in perspective.  Funny man!

Learned a few valuable lessons.  First, read, then reread what color goes in what section.  None of this would have occured if I hadn't made an error of using NR where Flair was called for.  Second, begin and end threads under the section being worked so that other areas won't be disturbed if you must rip out a section later.

Now on to the corners.  Yay!

August 14, 2013--Have come up with a dye lot problem for Neon Rays 67.  The thread on the left is a bright turquoise color I received in my kit.  The two threads in the middle have been sent to me in response to my request for help on the Gordian Knot Yahoo Group List, and the last is thread recently purchased from a shop online (don't have an LNS).   All are labeled N67.   There is another sample coming to me from AC--hopefully that will have more turquoise in it.  Crossing my fingers.

Below are the two sections missing N67 (inside the top and right quadrants).  If I must use a darker N67, hopefully it won't be too obvious.  Stay tuned.

Top and right quadrants missing portions of N67

July 30, 2013--Have now completed the design through page 8 of the instruction manual.  It's coming along nicely.   The Squared Herringbone pattern was difficult to follow, so I drafted a step-by-step diagram (shown below) to assist me until my mind figured it out (some of you may know what I mean).

Gordian Knot through Page 8

I discovered an error I made on the thread for the stitch on Page 7.   It calls for RG Flair and I used RG Neon Rays.  No wonder the Neon Rays is running low.  I have since ripped out that section and restitched it with the correct thread.  Whew.

I also found an error in the instructions for the stitch on Page 7, the Diagonal Long-Legged Cross.  I made pencil notes on the diagram below noting the stitches at numbers 4 and 6 should start one thread below where they are shown.   It's a small matter, but I was stitching upside down and this caused me to count a few times to be sure I was doing the stitch correctly.

Squared Herringbone Step-by-Step Guide

July 28, 2013--Finally started stitching Gordian Knot, an ANG CyberPointers Correspondence Course by Rachel Atkinson.  This course closes on October 15, 2013, at which time course participants can send Rachel their canvases for review by November 1st.   Lots of stitching to do between now and then.  Below is my progress to date:

Gordian Knot through Page 7

Gordian Knot through Page 5

Gordian Knot through Page 4