Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HanDBase Applets Now Available FREE 3/24/15

March 24, 2015--I have now made available, for FREE, to owners of DDH Software's HanDBase app, the databases or “applets” that I developed to manage my thread inventory, needlepoint projects, etc.

To use these databases, you must first own DDH Software’s HanDBase app.   I have written about these databases in prior blogs (see below for links to these posts) and have since received many requests to make them available. So here they are and if you’re interested, go to the DDH Software Gallery page.

Scroll down to Keyword Search and type in the word "needlepoint".  You will then see the six applets and their download links.  The databases are:

Needlepoint Beads Inventory
Needlepoint Color Tool
Needlepoint Projects
Needlepoint Sources
Needlepoint Thread Brands
Needlepoint Threads Inventory

Once downloaded and saved to your HanDBase Database File, you can open each applet and begin entering your own data.

My blog postings titled HanDBase Projects and HanDBase Threads Inventory will have lots of information on how I use these databases:

Please feel free to ask questions and have fun personalizing these databases with your own records.

PS  I have no financial interest in DDH Software--am just a very satisfied customer.


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  2. Hi NormaJean. I'm responding here in case anyone else comes across this issue. At this time, only my iPad has pictures in the Projects Databasase (this feature doesn't yet work for the PC). The maximum characters for the Picture Name field works for me at 40 characters. It's an easy thing to change it to something else (44 characters, for example). All you need do is open the Projects Database on your iPad, click on the wrench icon in the lower right hand corner, and scroll down to Database Properties and click on that. Scroll to Fields then click. Scroll to Picture Name (Field 15) and click. Scroll to Maximum Characters Allowed and change that number from 40 to whatever you need. Click Save in upper right. I believe that should do it.

    Let me know if this works for you.

  3. Hi Brenda,

    I deleted my comment by mistake while trying to correct a response to your help. Sorry. But, yes, that did solve my problem and I am now able to download pictures of the projects. I kept trying that little wrench icon but I wasn't doing deep enough to find the place I needed to change. I am really enjoying cataloging my projects. Thank you so much for sharing with me. Fun stuff.