Friday, April 3, 2015

Lots of Stitching--Nothing to Write About

April 3, 2015--Currently I'm doing lots of stitching, but can't write about anything yet.  However, soon you'll see blogs about:

1.  Pilot stitch project

2.  Class I'm teaching my local ANG chapter in May on drawn thread work

3.  A cute little something to be given as table favors at my local ANG chapter's anniversary lunch in June

Will also begin stitching on a UFO in the hopes of completing it by December (one of my chapter challenge pieces to be done this year).    

Hope all of you are happily stitching away.

Happy Easter!


  1. Is it possible to use your software on desktops? My cell is a clamshell and cannot have downloads. I've been following it on Facebook and am very interested,

    Thanks, Kat

  2. Hi Kat,

    Yes, you can use the HanDBase software solely on your PC--and I must say, it works very well. In fact, when I add a project to the Project Database and threads to the Threads Inventory Database, I find it much easier to type on my PC than on my iPhone or iPad. And, when you are ready to purchase an iPad or an iPhone, or both (like I have), you can easily sync the data from your PC to those portable devices (you will have to purchase the ability to do this, but the cost is nominal). Have fun entering your data.