Sunday, January 3, 2016

Shingles Ornament Updated 1/3/16

January 3, 2016--Just now added cording to this piece, making it into a really lovely ornament.

Shingles Ornament Completed
November 3, 2015--Earlier this year Gay Ann Rogers, a well known needlework designer, developed a serious case of shingles which kept her down for many months.  She wrote about her experience, encouraging everyone to get the shingles shot and share stories about shingles which she later published on her web site (link below).   For each story sent to Gay Ann, the sender received free instructions for the Shingles Ornament she designed (my story is number 52).  I have completed the stitching of this beautiful ornament and will have it finished similar to the style shown on her web site.

Note:  Gay Ann reports she has closed this offer and the Shingles Ornament is no longer available.  But no fear, she has many, many other beautiful designs offered for sale in the Spring and Fall.

Shingles Ornament


  1. Nicely done. The matching cord is great too. How did you make it?

  2. I used one of those manual hand drill type of gadgets called a "Spinster Cord Maker". Instead of a drill bit, it has a hook. It looks similar to the tool that Kreinik has. I love it. I have set up a bunch of "S" hooks hanging off the shelving in the closet of my craft room and can make cording of varying widths. Next thing is to learn how to make tassles.