Monday, February 15, 2016

Kumihimo Braid Making - Updated 2/15/16

February 15, 2016--Have been experimenting with different types of thread and think I've come up with the right combination of thickness and decorative metallics.  I like this one so much that I'm going to use it as the cord around my Imperial Heart project.   It has a few uneven areas, but when wrapped around the heart, don't think they'll show that much, if at all.

Kumihimo Braid for use as Ornament Cording

February 11, 2016--My interest was piqued after reading about this braid making tool on D1D2's January 18th blog.

So taking advantage of some eBucks to spend on eBay, I found this Beginner's Small Kumihimo Kit.  It came with two colors of cord, a Kumiloom or braiding disk, how-to instructions, thread bobbins and bits to make a necklace.  Last night while watching TV I worked up the braid and now I'm hooked.  It was so fast and easy to do.  Next cord will be made with needlepoint stash threads for a similar look, but with a smaller diameter to use for the finishing of ornaments.   Too cool!

Kumihimo Braid Beginner's Kit


  1. Isn't it fun! The cord that came in your kit looks better than mine. I've been itching to do more, and I have a design in mind. I just need to find the perfect beads.

    1. The kit came with a "slide" and clasp to make a necklace out of the cord. I'm not going to do this. Instead, I'll use the cord with its orange and green colors to hang a Halloween project.
      I'm now experimenting with thinner threads to use as cording around ornaments. Learning that tension is very important.