Friday, January 5, 2018

Tablet Holder for Floor Stand - 1/5/18

January 5, 2018--I recently purchased a tablet holder from Amy's Golden Strand for my K's Creations floor stand and love it!!!   I'm able to adjust the height, angle, etc. of where I want the tablet.  It's great for watching movies while stitching. 

Below is a picture of what I see in front of me. 

Right now I'm using the tablet holder to view the stitching instructions for my current project.  All I did was scan the instructions, save it to a directory in "the cloud" (I have OneDrive), then open that saved file on my iPad.  No more pieces of paper flying all over the place (usually landing up under the chair, etc.).  With 2 fingers, I'm able to enlarge the graphs for more detail, enlarge the project photos, etc.  Sweet.

PS.  You can see a small bit of the television I'm watching on the upper right of my "stitching post".  So, when seated, I look ahead at my stitching, down to the right at my instructions, up to the right at the television (my wine glass is on a table to the left--LOL).  I do wear bifocal glasses along with "mag eyes" for magnification, so have to move my head a bit to clearly view things, but I'm so used to doing that, I no longer think about it.

New Tablet Holder for K's Creations Floor Stand

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