Wednesday, February 28, 2018

New Tool For Straightening Threads - 2/28/18

February 28, 2018--I have a new favorite tool--a Vinida 2-in-1 cordless hair straightener ceramic flat iron and curling iron that is rechargeable with a USB charger. It was a little more expensive than some others, but I wanted a portable, rechargeable flat iron because we are unable to plug in appliances while taking classes at the ANG national seminar.   It is recommended the iron be turned off after each use, but that isn't a problem--when you turn it on, it heats up immediately and then cools quickly when you're finished using it.

Vinida Portable Flat Iron
I had some experience with similar irons brought into classes for students to use, but didn't think they were necessary.  Well, I'm a convert now.  I've been using it to straighten out everything--from RG/Neon Rays to RG/Splendor (love what it does to silk).  I find the threads don't kink up so much and are easier to "lay" flat and smooth.   I'm going to experiment using it for all threads.  Yes, it's an additional step to stitching, but at this point, it seems worth it.


  1. Now that is a cool idea. Can you use any flat iron or it has to be ceramic?

    1. That's a good question. I really don't know. It just seems that all of the better flat irons use ceramic plates.