Monday, September 3, 2018

ANG 2018 Seminar Scissor Fobs - 9/3/18

September 3, 2018--In May of 2017,  I learned the Northern Virginia (NOVA) Chapter of ANG was stitching some really cute scissor fobs to give as favors to the ANG 2018 Seminar attendees.   After bringing this project to the attention of Delaware's Seashore Chapter members, many wanted to participate in this project to help the NOVA chapter meet the goal of producing 400+ fobs by August, in time for seminar.  So we Delawareans began stitching, using our own stash threads, canvas and beads, producing a total of 96 fobs .  Below are photographs of the 24 fobs I personally stitched and finished.  I hope the recipients like them.

Below is a picture of the lovely red and white fob I found in my seminar registration packet.  Love it.  Thank you to the fantastic stitcher who worked up this one.

Scissor Fob Received with ANG Seminar Registration Packet
I understand the few fobs that are left over will be donated to Nelly's Needlers.  Information about the Needlers can be found by clicking here.


  1. Adorable! Such a nice treat to include for all the Seminar attendees. Thanks for your efforts!

  2. I always love the personal touches that go into making seminars so successful!