Monday, November 12, 2018

Candy Swirl Santa by Janet Zickler Casey - Updated 11/12/18

November 12, 2018--The swirled candy hat turned out to be a PITA (pain in the @ss).  I first tried to couch down a cord, but what I had was too large and impossible to "tuck under".  When I tried to work the satin stitch around the cord, I couldn't get the red thread to lay properly against the ends.   So I decided the hat didn't need that much padding--that a 3 layer padding of DMC Perle 3 would work fine, and it did.  Below are photos of what the padding looked like before it was covered with the red ribbon thread.  I am very pleased with the results and will use this method when other Janet Zickler Casey's santas require some serious padding.

Candy Swirl Santa Completed

Candy Swirl Santa Padding Layer

Candy Swirl Santa Padding Layer Side View

Candy Swirl Santa Completed Padding Side View

September 30, 2018--I just picked up this project again after two and a half years and did a bit more stitching on it--the eyebrows, mouth, moustache, beard and hat brim.  The rest of the hat--the candy swirl part--is going to require some serious work.  Thinking of asking for help from someone who has already stitched this santa.

Candy Swirl Santa Stitched to Date

January 14, 2016--Finally began working on this cute santa ornament and have completed stitching the face.  This is one of three santas that I'm working on at the same time.  The hat looks like it'll be a lot of fun to work on.

Candy Swirl Santa Face Stitched
March 20, 2014--I have just acquired my third Janet Zickler Casey santa called Candy Swirl Santa. It was recently offered as a Buy-It-Now item on eBay and I was able to snatch it up.   It came with the drawn image on canvas and the full stitch guide.  I now need to visit a needlepoint shop and purchase threads, but first I'll go looking at my Thread Inventory--may have most of what's needed.  Will probably change the eye shape a little so he looks like he's smiling rather than angry, or am I the only one who sees that?


  1. The beard is fantastic. Maybe it's just the photo but the very top white area looks lost almost like I'm seeing the canvas show through. I do love her Santas!

  2. I'm so glad to see this post as I have completed the stitching on this Santa up to the striped top and was dreading that fat white cord. Now I won't have to use it!! Thanks so much!!!