Sunday, November 6, 2022

Patriotic Ornament - Updated 11/6/22

November 6, 2022--Finished this fun project into an ornament in time to display on Veterans Day.   

See prior post below for more information about this project.

Ornament Patriotic Finished Front

Ornament Patriotic Finished Back

Just learned this will be a class taught by Ann Strite-Kurz at Denise's Needlework Shop in St. Michaels, MD sometime in the Spring of 2023.   If interested, call Denise for more information.

October 18, 2022--At the October 3rd meeting of Delaware's Seashore Chapter of ANG, one of our members, Ann Strite-Kurz (also a well-known designer and teacher) held a class on stitching her Patriotic Ornament. 

Working on this ornament was such a pleasure with lots of challenges and surprises.  Now all I need to do is finish it into an ornament.   The pencil markings on the edge of the circle will disappear as part of the seam allowance.

Patriotic Ornament Completed

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