Friday, August 16, 2013

ANG's 40th Anniversary Sampler Synchronicity Updated 3/20/14

March 20, 2014--Won 2nd Place Ribbon in the sampler category at the Rehoboth Beach Museum 4th Annual Needlework Exhibit.

August 13, 2013--The sampler is now framed.  It's big--33" long by 17.25" wide.  Love it.

August 1, 2013--The sampler is finished and off to be framed!  This was so much fun to complete and fellow chapter members who also worked on this project shared many helpful hints.  Will post a new picture of the sampler when it's back from the framer.

In prior posts (written below), I wrote about not wanting to do Band 7, called the Contemporary Drawn Thread Band, as instructed by Catherine Jordan, feeling that it was a little too "helter skelter" for my tastes.   Not knowing how to handle the three blocks in this band, I purchased a book titled BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO DRAWN THREAD EMBROIDERY by Patricia Bage, Search Press Ltd., 2011.    Perfect.  Her instructions and photographs are so clear and sample projects so beautiful, I now want to do more of this type of work.  Below are pictures of the band as I stitched it and another as designed by Catherine Jordan.

PS  When cutting out the horizontal threads, I held my breath to keep from shaking the scissors and clipping the wrong thread.  Success.

Band 7 Completed

Band 7 as Designed by Catherine Jordan

July 9, 2013--Added beads to Bands 1, 8 and 11.  Still thinking about what to do with Band 7.  Stay tuned.
Band 1 With Beads
Band 8 With Beads
Band 11 With Beads

July 3, 2013--Band 18 is now complete.  Almost done with this sampler---Band 7 needs my attention. The original design by Catherine Jordan is called Contemporary Drawn Thread, calling for threads to be cut and wrapped together in what I consider to be a helter-skelter manner.    Will be doing further research on what do to with this.

Band 18--Liberty ANG designed by Ro Pace

June 24, 2013--Band 17, designed by Mary K. Campbell, is done.  I used beads from my stash rather than what was suggested.   One more band to stitch on the bottom then I must concentrate on what I'll do with Band 7.

Band 17--Beaded Pins designed by Mary K. Campbell

June 19, 2013--Another band completed, this one designed by Pat Mazu.  Really like this project.  Each band is so different from the other that it's like starting a new project each time--boredom never sets in.

Band 16--Butterflies designed by Pat Mazu

June 17, 2013--So far I've completed 15 bands of ANG's 40th Anniversary Sampler Synchronicity.  In October, 2012, our local Seashore Chapter took this on  as a group project.   I chose colors in the burgundy, Williamsburg blue and tan families.  Plan on hanging it in my home office when done.  Below are pictures of the bands stitched to date.  Note:  I will not be stitching Band 7 as shown in the lessons, but instead will do some research on cut thread patterns and do something more traditional.  Some of the bands need beads which will be added last.  This has been lots of fun to do while being very educational at the same time.

Band 15--Goldwork designed by Michele Roberts

Band 14--Pulled and Drawn Thread designed by Pat Donaldson

Band 13--Bowties and Stars designed by Janet Zickler Casey

Band 12--Realistic Shading by Sandy Rogers

Band 11--Jean Hilton designed by Jim Wurth

Band 10--Composite Pattern designed by Margaret Bendig

Band 9--Nami Pattern designed by Margaret Kinsey

Band 8--Beaded Heart designed by Nancy Cucci

Band 7--Contemporary Drawn Thread designed by Catherine Jordan (to be completed at a later date)

Band 6--Blackwork designed by Carol Algie Higginbotham

Band 5--Red Ruby Roses designed by Sandra Arthur

Band 4--Geometric designed by Susan Reed

Band 3--Camellia designed by Cara Hayes

Band 2--Pattern Couching designed by Carlene Harwick

Band 1--Couching designed by Joni Stevenson


  1. Dear Brenda.... Tk you so much for this blog.... I stitched this up to band 6 & stop at Catherine Jordan's band also thinking that I would just do the 3 boarders. I got side tracked by other projects & deadlines, so never got back to it.... but now that you have inspired me, I will take it out of the closet & get stitching on it again.
    Tks again for this inspiration. I did finish the 40th Anniv. heart, made a few changes & love it.
    Congratulations on all your ribbons.

  2. Hi Frances. Thank you for your nice comment. When you complete your 40th Anniversary Sampler, please post pictures on the ANG Yahoo Group page, Facebook, etc. You're going to love finishing it--it's really a statement piece.