Monday, August 5, 2013

HanDBase Projects Database

August 5, 2013--Earlier I wrote about my Threads Inventory and Thread Brands databases in the HanDBase app I use.  Today I'll illustrate how I've set up my Projects database, shown in the screen capture below

There is a lot of information in this database covering:
  • Project Name
  • Status (Planned, In Process, Completed, Finished, On Hold)
  • Finished As (framed picture, pillow, ornament, etc.)
  • Canvas Type
  • Finished Size
  • Date Started
  • Date Completed (when stitching is done)
  • Date Finished (when made into something)
  • Source
  • Instructor
  • Class Type
  • Notes
  • Cost
  • Picture (directory location)
  • Gifted To
  • Date Given
I am able to see all of this information on both my PC and iPhone.  The pictures, stored on my iPhone, show up there, but not on my PC.  I believe DDH Software is working on this.   However, I have wonderful files on my PC where I keep pictures of my projects (synced with my phone), scanned instruction manuals, etc.

My favorite sort is by Status....I love seeing all the projects I have finished.  The "Completed" sort shows me what canvases need to be finished (sewn into ornaments, framed, etc.).  My "On Hold" sort is my own personal Hall of Shame.  These are items I've lost interest in or didn't like the instructions (too vague), etc., and will most likely not be completed.  But I am an optimist and may get some of them done one day.  It's also nice to have a record of when a project was given as a gift, to whom and on what date.

I often use the Notes field to track when I've registered and paid for an online course, when it will begin and end, etc.

Below is the form used to enter a new project into the database:

Many of the fields above have "pop up" lists from which to make choices.  For example, when I click on the arrow to the left of Status, the below list pops up:

This is so much easier than typing in the status of each project, especially when changing the status, e.g., from Planned to In Process, then to Completed, etc. 

Pop Up Lists are a real convenience, but they are limited (to 100 entries, I believe).  So if I have a field that will have a lot of possibilities, I must establish a new database and have the field "point" to it, then from that database, select the record I want. 

A perfect example of this is my Instructor field.  Right now I have the names of my favorite instructors in a "Pop Up List", but will soon have too many and will have to establish a separate database called "Instructors".  When that's done, I'll then have the ability to add information about each instructor, such as their email addresses, needlepoint shops with whom they are associated, etc.

That's all of it.  I hope this encourages you to track your needlepoint "assets", be it in an Access type database such as HanDBase, in Excel, on Google's Drive, or Apple's iWork, etc.   

When I start a new project, it's such a pleasure to get it listed in my database, then to add the threads to my really is a form of "play".

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