Monday, December 8, 2014

Stitches for Effect Classes - Baskets Galore, Christmas Stitches I, Under Construction Updated 12/7/14

December 7, 2014--Just completed the third and final set of Stitches for Effect Classes.  This one was called Christmas Stitches I.

I have taken a total of 16 of these Stitches for Effect classes and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one, learning how to correctly do the various stitches, many of which I still have yet to use in a project.  The additional instructions on how and when to use the stitches was invaluable as was the utilization of a wide variety of threads to stitch the examples.

It is unknown if Suzanne Howren will continue to make these classes available through the Shining Needle Society, but I hope she will.

Below is an example of a stitch that can be used for beards and hair which was fun to do.

Class Christmas Stitches I Example

July 29, 2014--Finished the second of three Stitches for Effects Classes called Under Construction. Enjoyed stitching the samples except for one.  It's called Random Cashmere and the instructions stated to randomly place blocks of cashmere stitches within the sample stitching area.  My problem is with the word "random".  I had to first draw the stitch placements on graph paper before transferring the design onto canvas.  The result is a mishmash of blocks, and it most certainly is random.  Below is a picture of the results (ran out of thread, but you can see how I did).

Random Cashmere
June 3, 2014--Finished one of Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren's stitch classes called Baskets Galore (taken through the Shining Needle Society).  This series will definitely come in handy.  I especially loved the stitch below called Battlement Couching.   Two classes to complete and I'll be ready for another series.  Can't get enough.

Class Baskets of Galore Battlement Couching
January 17, 2014--Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren have done it again.  Their new batch of Stitches for Effect classes are now available at Shining Needle Society (SNS) and I've signed up for all three shown below.  The online lessons begin March 15 and run through May 15, 2014.

Baskets Galore

Christmas Stitches I

Under Construction


  1. Can you give me the link to sign up for classes? I have tried to find it but haven't had any luck.

  2. Hi Karyn,

    You can sign up via the Shining Needle Society Yahoo Group at:

    You'll need to join the group, but it's easy to do.