Monday, December 1, 2014

Lone Star Heart Updated 12/1/14

December 1, 2014--Finally got around to making something of this wonderful Nancy Cucci project and decided to make it into a simple ornament (no tassel--didn't have enough thread) :-(

This is a continuation of learning how to finish my own needlepoint.  I learn something new each time I do this.  For example, this time I learned to be sure to center the back correctly, to cut a narrower allowance for folding over (don't need more than 1/2 inch), clip into that allowance, but not to close to the edge, etc.

I'm developing a keen appreciation of the work done by professional finishers.

Lone Star Heart Finished Front

Lone Star Heart Finished Back

December, 2011--Finished stitching a project begun at ANG's 2011 Seminar in San Antonio, TX class taught by Nancy Cucci.   Still not sure how to finish it--maybe as a door knob hanger or draw pull.  It's too big to think of as an ornament, but definitely needs a special tassel.

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