Saturday, April 30, 2016

Summer Solstice Sampler - Updated 10/10/16

October 10, 2016--Had this framed at my local Michael's Arts & Crafts and am very pleased with the results.  The frame looks "antique" and the two mats are perfect with the linen.  Looks very colonial.  However, my house is not colonial so the sampler will be relegated to dress up my craft room.

April 30, 2016--My first cross stitch sampler is completed and I thoroughly enjoyed this quick and easy piece.  Using my new MagEyes made the job so much easier on my eyes.

One change I made, however, was deciding not to continuing to stitch "in hand" and to mount the linen on stretcher bars.  What a difference!!!  I was able to stitch more quickly without worrying about warping the fabric or getting it wrinkled and dirty.  Here's the results.....

Summer Solstice Sampler Completed

Summer Solstice Sampler Mounted on Stretcher Bars
March 9, 2016--Our March, 2016 member led project at the ANG Delaware's Seashore Chapter meeting was Summer Solstice Sampler by Sally Ann Designs.  I understand this is second in a series of four seasonal samplers and a companion piece to "Winter's Whisper Sampler", another beautiful sampler done in pale threads.

I've never worked on a cross stitch sampler and this is a beautiful introduction which includes a variety of stitches.

I'm working "in hand" on 32 count linen using 1 strand of Caron Waterlillies over 2 threads in a darker, less variegated color than that used by the designer.  My magnifying glass is going to be an eye saver while working on this piece.  Below is my progress to date.

Progress at 3-9-16

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