Saturday, April 2, 2016

Downton Abbey Countess of Grantham Geometric - 4/2/16

April 2, 2016--Completed stitching this pretty design.  I've also attached a photo of a card designed by Annette Navarro and sold through Gay Ann Rogers on her website.  Now on to the next two designs celebrating Downton Abbey's Lady Edith and Lady Mary as written about here.

Downton Abbey Countess of Grantham Completed
Card Designed by Annette Navarro
March 24, 2016--Thought that I was ready to begin the fill-in stitches--nope, had more cross stitch outlining to do in tan (looks like shadowing) and 8 little "florets" to place.  Now I think I'm ready.

Downton Abbey Countess of Grantham as of 3-24-2016
March 14, 2016--Have begun stitching this beautifully designed project by Gan Ann Rogers.  This is one of three geometrics she designed to celebrate the Downton Abbey series (click here for more information),  The most difficult portion is done (all that counting...whew).  Now all that's needed are the fill-in stitches.

Downton Abbey Countess of Grantham as of 3-14-2016


  1. You do the outline first? It looks beautiful. Can't wait to see how it will be filled.

  2. Gay Ann Rogers instructions called for doing the outline in running stitches and with cross stitches, and the stitches had to be counted on to the canvas (I didn't draw them first with a pencil). The filling will be done with the cream thead. There's also additional cross stitch outlining to do with a tan thread--looks like a shadow. It really is looking pretty.