Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sisters by Nancy Cucci Pilot Class - Updated 9/15/18

September 15, 2018--Just learned this piece won a 2nd place ribbon in the 8th Annual Rehoboth Beach Museum Needlework Exhibit in the Canvas/Needlepoint category.  Yay!

September 22, 2016--Sisters is now framed.

August 4, 2016--This project is now completely stitched, including the "sisters" box on the bottom.  My sister's initials are CW and are placed with mine (BC) inside the turquoise square.  I love the feeling of connectedness this piece conveys even though we are separated by many miles.  Now to have it framed.

Sisters Completed
June 26, 2016--Block 3 in turquoise is done.  This is the last block with beading.  The five smaller ones should go a lot faster.

Really like how the stitches in the three blocks look different from one another even though they are the same.  The difference is in the placement, angle and rotation.

Sisters Block 3 Completed
June 22, 2016--Block 2 (the gray one) is now stitched and am starting another.  This is really pretty.

Sisters Block 2 Completed
May 6, 2016--Happily stitching on this lovely project.  Here's my progress so far....block 1 is completely done.

Sisters through Block 1
April 27, 2016--Just completed a two day pilot class taught by Nancy Cucci for her "Sisters" project, held in Georgetown, DE.  One of ANG Delaware's Seashore Chapter members organized the whole thing.  Wow, another success for sure!  One of the pictures below shows how much, or how little, I accomplished over the last two days, but I really learned a lot.  Click on the In Process page on the right for a view of the project photo.

PS  I believe this is the fifth class Nancy has come to Delaware to teach and I've been lucky enough to participate in two other of her classes:  Stitches in Sterling and Irrisistible Iridescents.

Class Members

Our illustrious instructor Nancy Cucci

What I Stitched in Two Days


  1. It was a great weekend & class! My second class in your area. So glad to be included. You got further than I. But, I'm doing better now that I am back in my comfy chair!

  2. You are so lucky to have been able to pilot this class. I just love Nancy's designs and have several in my stash. My current WIP is her Irresistible Iridescents. 3 Squares and the background left to go!

  3. Hi Kathie. I too love Nancy's designs and have been trying to purchase her older pieces without much luck. Every time one goes up for sale, be it on eBay, the FB Needlepoint Stash Exchange, etc., I'm not fast enough.

    You're going to love the finished Irresistible Iridescents. I did mine in blue. What is your colorway?

  4. I am doing mine in green. I've been fortunate to be able to purchase several of her designs at the markets at seminars. My first introduction to her designs was "Expressions in Rose Gold" when I saw a fellow ANG members piece. From then on I was hooked!