Friday, June 21, 2013

Brenda's Needlepoint Studio Updated 3/20/14

March 20, 2014--Won 3rd Place Ribbon for Canvaswork at the Rehoboth Beach Museum 4th Annual Needlework Exhibit.

February, 2012--I named my blog after this piece.  The Delaware's Seashore Chapter took this on as a group project in March, 2011.  It's designed by Louise S. Meier.  We personalized our studios by changing the name, colors, etc.  For some this was a great stash buster, but for me, not having much in the way of stash, had to purchase many of the wools, silks and cotton floss required in the instructions.  This project taught us a lot about color schemes--monochromatic, complementary, analogous, split complementary and triadic.  They are all in this design.  It was fun to stitch this as a group and learning from each other.  One of the stitchers located "shisha" mirrors to use in the magnifying glass.  My mother's housemate, who makes up beaded jewelry, gave me just the right copper beads to use as drawer pulls.  I'm thinking of making the bag smaller, or, at a minimum, shorten the corded strap.  What do you think?

BTW, the lettering was very easy to do.  I was able to "write" it up and center it on graph paper, all on my PC, by using's alphabet generator at the site below:

March, 2012--Removed the stone from the bag and had it framed.


  1. I just recently found this in my stash. Great name for your blog. I'm looking forward to following your work. Melita

  2. Thanks Melita. Hope you work on the Studio project--it's a lot of fun.