Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Folding Ort Box Number 1, Blue and White

January, 2010.  One of my favorite projects, so much so that I've done 3 of these guys.  This folding ort box is a Chapter Project Book design by Marily Owen.  These little boxes are used to hold thread orts* and are stitched on 18 ct. "mono" canvas so they can fold into a compact design for travel.  I used threads in my stash that were given to me by my mother in the 1960's (she purchased most of those threads in the 1940's), choosing colors from a variegated blue thread consisting of light through dark blues and white.  The "blackwork", which looks the same on both sides, was done in navy.

*Orts are scraps or pieces of thread too short or frayed to use.

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