Monday, April 30, 2018

Imperial Rubies Heart - Updated 4/30/18

April 30, 2018--Finished!  Again, this is "do it yourself" finishing and continues to be a learning process.  Love the hearts designed by Gay Ann Rogers.   The cording around the heart was made using my kumihimo disk.

Imperial Rubies Heart Finished Front
Imperial Rubies Heart Finished Back

December 21, 2015-- Was so eager to complete this beautiful heart that I sat down and worked all the beading yesterday.   The side views show the dimensions and beauty of the beadwork.

Almost couldn't finish--discovered I didn't have a needle small enough to fit through the tiny pearl beads, and there were 22 of them on the two necklaces.  Fortunately I remembered purchasing a new type of beading thread from Louise's Needlework shop in Ohio while there for a class last April.  It's a very fine, strong braid and stiff enough to manually thread through the itty, bitty, teeny, tiny pearls. They are so small that I couldn't hold them with my fingers--had to use a pair of tweezers.   Of course, I had to continuously thread up and unthread the needle to pick up the crystal beads.  Took a bit longer than anticipated, but now that it's done, I'm very pleased.

Imperial Rubies Heart Completed

Left Side View

Right Side View

Beading Thread - Braided and Strong
Manually inserting Thread into Pearl Bead (no needle)

December 20, 2015--All the stitching has been done and ready for beading.

Progress through 12-20-15

November 24, 2015--This is my work so far on this lovely heart.  Almost finished with the needlepointing.  The beading will add the beautiful dimensions.   See the In Process Tab above for a project photograph.

Stitching through 11/24/2015

October 17, 2015--For the very first time, I participated in Gay Ann Rogers' sale of her royal hearts and was able to purchase the Imperial Rubies Heart.   Looking forward to getting the kit in the mail--these hearts are so beautiful.

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