Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Name Tag for ANG Checkerspot Chapter - Updated 4/11/18

April 11, 2018--Finished the name tag for the ANG Checkerspot Chapter.  Lined the canvas with shiny red fabric which shimmers through to the front.  The trim is made out of 8 strands of 1/8" ribbon braided on a kumihomo loom.  I know it's not perfect, but the results are getting better and better with every ornament, name tag, etc. I finish.

Name Tag for Checkerspot Stitchers Chapter Finished

October 6, 2017--I recently joined the ANG Checkerspot Chapter located in Silver Spring, MD.  They are a delightful group of stitchers located within a day's ride round-trip of where I live in Delaware.  Not long ago they changed their name from Executive Branch to Checkerspot which is Maryland's state insect and attached is a picture of a glorious specimen.  Love the butterfly colors they incorporated into their name tag.

ANG Checkerspot Chapter Name Tag

Checkerspot Butterfly, Maryland's State Insect

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