Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Stitching Retreat in Ocean City, MD - 4/17/18

April 17, 2018--Just returned from a four day stitching retreat in Ocean City, MD put on by the ANG Checkerspot Chapter of Silver Spring, MD.  This is my second year in attendance and, as I did last year, had a wonderful time.  We stayed at the Dunes Manor Hotel, an old but well maintained and renovated charming spot in the heart of Ocean City.   The package included two breakfasts and one night's dinner in the dining room, and the food was delicious!  Our stitching room was bright, large and comfortable with a view of the sea.

Dunes Manor Hotel in Ocean City, MD
The weather, though cold, rainy and VERY windy, enhanced our delight at being able to stay in and stitch, stitch, stitch.  Barbara E. surprised us with three little projects.  The first consisted of two button forms sold by Toni Gerdes.  The buttons come with 64 pre-drilled holes you fill in with needlepoint.  Here's what I came up with though I may redo them later with fancier threads.

Button Forms by Toni Gerdes

The second project was a bookmark.  Barbara had the cutest designs and I chose the Scandinavian looking one.  Didn't have the right threads to stich it while at the retreat, so took a few hours this morning to whip it up.  Think I'll remove the canvas from the green felt and turn it into a luggage tag or a label.

Bookmark Closeup

The third project is my favorite and one that I will teach to my local ANG chapter if they'd like to learn how to do it.  It's a tassel that has 3 beads at the end of each loop taught to us by Debbie L.  Easy to do and the results are beautiful.  This is the first time I've every made a tassel, and now that I know how, I see lots of tassels in my future.   The thread and beads were also supplied by Barbara.  She thought of everything.

Tassel with Beaded Ends Side View

Tassel with Beaded Ends Top View

I did manage to work on a large project I took with me, but didn't finish it as I had hoped.   But the time spent on these fun surprises, stitching and talking with wonderful fellow chapter mates, and in a very nice environment means I'll be there again next year for sure.  Thank you Barbara E. and Checkerspot for hosting this event.


  1. That tassel really looks lovely

  2. Dear Brenda
    I've just seen your tassel with beaded ends and they are beautiful. I was wondering if I could purchase the instructions from you please? These would make gifts for my stitching friends. I'm just getting into beading and also needlepoint. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Regards, Jenni
    Canberra, Australia

    1. Hi Jenni. I'm sorry, but there are no written instructions. We were shown how to make these tassels in person, and when I taught some of my chapter mates, I did the same thing--just showed them how it was done and they followed my example. Maybe someday I'll make up another one. Then I'll take photos and write notes on how it's done. Sorry I can't help you now.

  3. Dear Brenda
    Many thanks for your reply and I'll just have a go myself.
    Regards, Jenni