Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Overdyed Spools - 4/29/19

April 29, 2019--Found this little simple frame in my stash and it's perfect for this project.  Now to hang it in my craft room.

Overdyed Spools Framed

April 10, 2019--At my ANG Delaware's Seashore Chapter meeting last week, April 1st , I took a class led by Melita Glavin, the designer of the ANG Chapter Project Book piece called Overdyed Spools.

Melita's talk on how to manipulate and handle overdyed threads was well done and opened a world of possibilities of what to do with the many types of overdyes in the thread world.  We were fortunate that Melita was willing to come to Delaware for this class and enjoyed learning that she and her husband spent the weekend taking advantage of all that Southern Delaware has to offer.

I just finished stitching this piece and love how the overdyed thread fell in clumps in the 2 horizontal blocks, and, by controlling the colors, were striped in the 2 vertical blocks.  Definitely a most enjoyable project, and it will look great framed and hanging in my craft room.

Overdyed Spools Completed


  1. The stitches make a lovely pattern. I really love the one on the top left.

    1. I too like the left column. It almost has a 3D effect when moved from one side to the other.

  2. Fantastic! I love it. And, your idea to make pairs of columns (by stitching down and up with a single length of overdyed thread) creates an interesting effect in the upper left and bottom right corners. I can see the color movement clearly. You controlled the thread and that's exactly what the point of the piece was intended to demonstrate. I always enjoy visiting your chapter!