Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Angels Clothespin for Hospice - Updated 4/23/24

April 23, 2024--The last of the three Clothespin Angels is now stitched and ready for assembly at my ANG chapter's meeting in August.  This one simply states Happy Holidays with lots of embellishments. 

Angels Clothespin Happy Holidays Completed

Angels Clothespin All Three Completed

April 16, 2024--Now the second of the Clothespin Angels has been stitched--this one called Candles.  Now that I have a better idea of what I'm doing, I'm breezing along nicely.  One more to stitch up, then it's assembly time.   
Angel Clothespin Candles Completed

Angels Clothespin Stitched to Date

April 12, 2024--Have completed one of the Clothespin Angels.  This one is called Joy and was a real learning process for me.  First of all, I had to call our chapter's fearless project leader, Shirley H, on how many strands of floss to use on the 18 count Aida cloth.  I started with 2 strands but thought it might be too bulky.  Shirley agreed and recommended using only 1 strand.  Yay!  No laying or railroading the strands together.  Of course, I had to rip out what had been stitched so far, but that was fine since I totally messed up the "half" cross stitches.  

When working up the half stitches in this project, Shirley advised that only 1/4 of a regular cross stitch needed to be done since the backstitching would complete the half stitch.  See the two half stitches circled in the second photo below.  I'm so glad I checked with her about this--the results are much neater and less bulky than what I had initially done. 

I'm now hoping I didn't work up the design too low on the "skirt".  Need room to add lace around the bottom edge.  I also hope that the fabric will iron out nicely when all the stitching is done since I'm not using stretcher bars or a hoop--instead I'm stitching "in hand".

Angel Clothespin Joy Completed

Half Stitch Question
Boy, do I feel like a doofus on this project.  

April 3, 2024--My local ANG chapter, Delaware's Seashore Chapter, is putting together little angels for the Christmas tree at Delaware Hospice.  We received our kits from the member who is organizing this project (thanks Shirley H) which has enough materials to put together three angels (all we had to do was supply our own threads, needles, embroidery hoop, etc.).  

After cross-stitching the design on the "skirt", the fabric will be edged with lace and glued unto a clothespin.  Then each angel will be embellished with curly hair, drawn faces, a bow, etc.   Even though this isn't something I'd normally do (I generally don't like "crafty" things), they are too cute to resist.

Angels Clothespin Materials

Angels Clothespin Skirt and Sleeves drawn on 18 count Aido Cloth

I finally had an opportunity to use my light board to trace the skirt and sleeve patterns unto the Aida cloth.  I've had the light board for ten plus years now and besides loaning it out to a friend, it's been used only two other times.  Of course, I could have taped the master design unto a window, but it's a dark and rainy day, so the light board was used.  I should mention that I had to grab a ladder to pull the light board down from a top shelf in the closet, then put it back when done where it'll probably sit for another ten years.

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