Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Year in Review

December 31, 2018--It's been a busy year, but I still managed to complete the stitching on 16 needlepoint projects.  Here they are from oldest (January) to most recent (December).

Many have not yet been finished into ornaments, etc.--I'm waiting to stitch all the projects in the collections before working them up into ornaments (e.g., Janet Zickler Casey's santa collection, Susan Portra's holiday ornament collection).  I hope to sew up the purses next year (Let the Good Times Roll and Golden Gala Evening).

Also included in this list are the projects stitched in prior years and finished into ornaments, etc. in 2018.

Hope you enjoy looking at these pictures and walking down memory lane with me.  Click on the photo's caption to see more information about each project.

Pine Cone Santa
Hardanger Bookmark

Sapphires and Sparkles Ornaments
Nashville, TN Ornament
Golden Friends
Holiday Turquoise Light Ornament
Let the Good Times Roll Purse
Scissor Fobs for ANG 2018 Seminar
Florentine Heart

ANG Seminar Ribbon Buttons

Holiday Red Gift Ornament

SOTM 2018
Here are nine previously stitched projects completed in years past and finally "finished" into something in 2018:

Gardeners Alphabet Letter N Nasturtium

Checkerspot Stitchers Name Tag
Rozashi Petite Imari Sampler Ornament
Rozashi Baby Iris Ornament
Theo Faberge's Jeweled Spiral Coil Egg Ornament
Imperial Rubies Heart
Floral Ribbons
Pinwheel Christmas Stocking

That's it for 2018.  Thank you for viewing.  

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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